Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ring Around The Yolk

I saw a recipe for hard boiled eggs recently.

On FoodTV.

Boiled eggs... I used to only love the white... Never, ever ate the yolks... Not on pain of death could my parents get me to eat an egg yolk. That was what Dad was for. On Easter morning he looked after those extra yolks for my brother and I.

Then I progressed to wanting to make Devil'd Eggs just like Mom did when I was having a party. Devil'd Eggs are just the perfect thing for a party... I'm not sure when you reach THAT age where the thing to have at your party is a plate of Devil'd Eggs but I am way beyond that age now. And those suckers go fast at parties too. I was at a house warming lately and the Mr at the house asked about whether there were any left and Mrs at the house informed him that they were long, long gone. MMMMMMM the thought of that got me thinking how good they'd be and that got me thinking about boiling eggs.

Then there was that FoodTV show. They never made any Devil'd Eggs on the show. Jellied eggs were the subject that day. Those I'm not so much interested in those guys.

But the thing about hard boiled eggs that always bugged me was that icky grey scum that has covered every egg yolk I have personally boiled.

I see perfect eggs in magazine pictures and on TV that have perfect golden orbs in their center with nothing nasty around them to spoil their lovliness.

Why can't I make pretty eggs that way?

Today it came to my attention that this recipe I had heard of was also a Martha Stewart recipe.

One of my coworker's daughters, C, was going to try it and her mom was doubtful.

But Martha wasn't who orignally gave me the recipe. Even though we're like this and if I'd asked her she would've told me her secret in a pinch. Frankly, I'm a little jealous that she just gave it to C and C never even had to ask for it.

The idea is to put the eggs in a pot and just cover it with cold water. Bring it to a boil and when it gets to a boil you take it off the heat and put on the lid for, now I've heard both 8 and 10 minutes. And at that point you are supposed to have the perfect hard boiled egg.

So I set out to make my boiled eggs. I was even concentrating.

I put 5 farm fresh extra large eggs in my stainless steel and just covered those babies with cold water. Onto the fire they went and then I sat down here and before I knew it I heard this odd sound....

I wondered what that sound was....

..And then I remembered my eggs. They wer boling! I have these V8 moments fairly often...

Get up take it off the fire, slap down the lid and wait 10 minutes. I even madea mental note of the time 9:21PM. I thought to myself I'll just watch a bit of CSI LA while I put in my time waiting for that perfect egg. Before I knew it, it was 9:32 and I wondered if they'd be ruined by waiting at least 2-4 extra minutes.

So I got them out of the water and peeled one.

And what do you know.

The white was firm and warm and there was no unsightly ring around the yolk. I had my first perfectly golden yolk to enjoy.

And there is just something about a warm boiled egg with that lucious solid but still creamy yolk in the center. Certainly the best part of any egg.

What did I know as a kid anyways????

Now if someone would just give me a perfect recipe for peeling hard boiled eggs. Mine are a little rough looking.

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