Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lyme Disease part 2

I got a phone call today telling me that the blackberries were ready to be picked again. My fellow doctor C asked our receptionist to call and let me know. That way I could bring jeans, socks, runners and bug spray as well as berry picking baskets. In short, I would be better prepared this time.

I remembered the socks, shoes and my berry baskets.

I decided to tough it out as far as the jeans and bug spray went.

I could see where Dr C had walked out into the bush but for the life of me I couldn't tell she had picked ANY berries. They were big and literally falling off of the canes. I would pick a handful of berries and watch as more berries would fall onto the ground.

I picked over 4 quarts of berries again. Sweating in my scrub pants and, why oh why, my white top again.

Somehow I never got any blackberry stains on my nice white T-shirt. But there are some unsightly yellow areas on the shirt now. Under my bosom area... I need to look up how to get out sweat stains on you tube later.

I am scratching my mosquito bites. You can never tell if a tick nymph bites you though. Ixodes nymphs can be as small as a grain of pepper. You'd never see them, you'd never feel the bite, you'd never even know they'd been there. It's my job to know the life cycle and habits of the Ixodes tick. Why didn't I tuck my scrubs inside my ankle socks?

The first joint on the index finger of my left hand has been sore for the past few days. I have no known explanation for this. No injuries of any kind. But we do have Ixodes here.

I think I'll go get tested for lyme disease now.

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