Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pool Girl

I realised today why the pool boys on TV soaps have such rock hard abs and incredible biceps and triceps...

That would be from cleaning the pool, specifically, working the vacuum in the pool.

I know this because I spent my morning playing pool girl. I vacuumed it and did all the basic pool type stuff. This is high resistance exercise you know.

So basically I am now sporting 6-pack abs and my arms are shapely and exquisite and there are no more triceps masquerading as bat wings on me anymore.

With my vertigo I always worry that I'll fall in the pool or backwards off of the edge of the pool. It is above ground and to clean it I have to walk around to top edge of it. But I was rocking it up there in my itsy bitsy teenie weenie... Well my shorts and T-shirt. At least I was working the ol' abs and flexing those guns and feeling quite proud of myself...

Until I fell in...

First time ever...

I had contemplated this situation many times in the past...

Usually at the half way around the pool point.

I would always wonder if I would drown because I had hit my head or broken an ankle and not been able to keep my head above water or be unable to get out of the pool because I had taken the ladder out so I wouldn't trip on it and fall in the pool. Surely someone would hear me calling for help and come and save me. Unless I had been knocked unconsious.

I yelled out "OOOOOOH" as I fell in. It was more out of suprise than fear. The water was cold after all. I briefly considered my eyes... I had just poured 2 jugs of bleach, added pucks and put chlorine stabilser in the pool. Then I considered my watch and remembered that it was water resisitant. I kept on cleaning, making a point to try and keep my left wrist out of the water.

At one point I heard a neighbour's 4-wheeler start up and pull out of their yard. Oh someone did hear me call out in fear and was coming to make sure I was OK.

No one showed up. Must've been heading somewhere else.

But that's OK.

I learned two things.

1. My watch is water resistant to 4 feet at the very least, and

2. My abs and arms are stronger than I thought - I was able to press myself up and out of the ladderless pool.

Guess all that yoga, erm pool cleaning, is paying off.

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