Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hidden By Gortglas Lough

Hidden By Gortglas Lough (5x5 pen and graphitint pencil)

I finally was able to do something for the Virtual Paintout hosted by Bill Guffney. This month Bill has sent us to County Clare in Ireland. It was really wonderful to walk around this area of Ireland. But frustrating in a way because I was looking for sheep and never did see any. I saw some cattle but... I didn't want to paint those, or the horses I saw. I did find a border collie but the dog was from Galway as were most of the cattle and horses so they were out as subjects.

On a whim I plopped myself down on a road by Gortglas Lough and saw this. I was so happy and surprised! I took one step to the right and turned back to the left and found the view I wanted to use. And from there it was pretty easy. I did a sketch and then inked it with a micron pen. I decided that I wanted colour and used my graphitint pencils washed with water to add the tinted colour.

I'm happy with the results and was even happier when I showed it to a friend who immediately said, "It's a canoe!"

If only I was there and could find that canoe and go for a paddle in the lovely Irish sunshine.

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