Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Who really likes to do house work? And who really likes to have their picture taken?

I will confess that I do not. Never have, probably never will. I consider it a necessary evil.

Tonight the bedroom needed to be worked on and I found a creative solution to not having my picture taken this Christmas.

People with facial injuries aren't popular subjects for the Christmas photo shoot.

So I worked away at the bedroom clutter and I was making good head way when...


Face meet the top of a clear acrylic water glass.

The glass was tall because I live with 3 cats that steal bedside water if you don't used a tall skinny glass that they can't get their thieving mugs into.

I knew the glass was there on some level. I was aware of it and had made a mental note to take it to the kitchen on my next trip there. But I guess I was close enough to it that when I bent over I just never saw it. That and the fact that the glass was so much taller than your average glass that I probably thought I had at least 4 inches more space before my face was going to connect with a hard object.

At first I was shocked and quiet.

And then...

I cried. I will confess that I cried.


Like a small child.

It hurt.


And it bled.

Actually quite alot.

More than I thought it would and I've always heard that facial cuts bleed like a son-of-a-gun.

It suprised me how much it bled.

But I don't think I broke my nose.

However I think it's gonna leave a mark.

I'm hoping it's only going to be a temporary mark.

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