Monday, August 23, 2010


OK I admit it.

This blog thing freaked me out last week.

I walked into a store and the gal that owns it asked me how my back was.

I said fine but in my head I was going through all the emails we had passed back and forth trying to remember if I had mentioned anything about my sore back. Then I wondered if a mutual friend may have told her I was in agony. I couldn't figure it out. How did she know I had a sore back????????

I don't have a good poker face.

Everything I thought probably scrolled across it in the 3 second it took to think it all.

"I read it on your blog," she said. "I thought I should check it out."

To be totally honest I never thought anybody read this thing.

I was glad that someone had. That isn't really why I do it. This is just sort of a handy place to keep track of stories and if my friends want to read it then it's there for them to take a gander. I guess I never really thought anyone else would read it though.

I was sorta stoked that someone had visited. To be honest.

But if I'm being totally honest it also sorta freaked me out.

I have to get one of those traffic monitors so I can tell if someone besides me comes here.

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