Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chocolate Butterdream, I Mean Cream

A few more words about the birthday cupcakes I made for Jeffery's Mom and The Artiste.

As I have mentioned before, they made my whole house smell like I had died and gone to chocolate heaven. Specifically the spare bedroom that they spent the night and day locked up in to keep them away from prying cat paws.
JM was so overwhelmed by the smell that we had to get her out of their fast before she OD'd on chocolate fumes.
That was a result of the buttercream icing. Something I have never made before or even tasted. I've made butter icing before but never buttercream icing. Somewhere inside my head I guess I kinda thought they were almost the same thing and couldn't really understand how the buttercream tasted like a creamy chocolate cloud and the butter icing I remember tasted like sugary unspreadable cement. That buttercream icing came out of my 2 for 99 cent pastry bag and through that giant 7 point star tip, well like butter. Butter icing would never have done that. The last butter icing I made behaved badly while we tried to spread it on the Easter sugar cookies I made with my niece and nephew.

On my craft crawl with The Artiste and JM we discussed this.

I wanted to know how come this icing tasted sooooo good compared to the unspreadable cement I remembered from my childhood.

"Isn't butter icing just made with butter and icing sugar and milk?" I asked.

They wanted to know what the buttercream recipe was.

"Well basically it's a pound of butter, a pound of chocolate, some milk, but I never added any. About 3 cups of icing sugar. And then some vanilla, but I forgot to put that in."

The Artiste said, "Well last time I made butter icing it called for about a quarter cup of butter to 3 cups of icing sugar."

We concluded that nearly a pound of chocolate in anything will make it devine.

We concluded that a pound of butter in anything will make it even more devine.

We concluded that the cupcakes were high calorie but that nothing is fattening on your birthday.

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