Friday, September 21, 2012

Former Heronry on the Doe Lake Loop

Went for a lovely hike in Frontenac Park and sat for a while talking with a friend beside this former heronry. Was lucky enough to see a pair of herons but all of the dead trees except one have rotted off so they have moved the nesting ground elsewhere. Found out that they coexist peacefully with osprey. The osprey are the strong arms and the herons are the warning bells. The light changed here gradually as we sat and talked. But two things continually caught the eye. The fallen tree in the sun light and the colours of the interestingly shaped sky reflection in the water. The birds were way back in the corner of the pond and you could hear them squawking but you could only really see them if you knew where to look. Fortunately we had seen them land.

Old Heronry on the Doe Lake Loop (soft pastel on paper, 8x11)

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